Rules for Fishing at Wynnstay Lake

  • 3 Rods Maximum at all times.
  • No fixed leads. (All rigs must be safe & must be able to loose the lead in the event of a line breakage).
  • Members agree to rig checks upon bailiff request.
  • Only the use of Micro barb hooks is permitted.
  • No braided main lines. All mainline must have a breaking strain of at least 15lb and diameter of 0.35mm.
  • Bait boats are permitted but are to be used sparingly and in a courteous manner.
  • 1 bivvy max per swim – no tents or gazebo style shelters.
  • Only one angler per swim unless prior arrangement with a bailiff is in place eg: junior angler.
  • Members must respect all other anglers & swim boundaries at all times. 
  • No vehicles of any kind are to enter the fishery further than the gate at peg 1.
  • Landing nets must be 42″ width (minimum). MIN one per angler (no sharing).
  • Landing nets should be dry, before starting to fish.
  • A retention sling must be used to safely carry fish from lake to cradle.
  • Where possible the rig should be removed from the fishes mouth before it leaves the water or if this is not possible the rig should be removed from the line or leader so there is only net and retention sling being carried to the mat/cradle.
  • Anglers should use a large padded high sided mats or cradles to keep fish safe while out of the water and while photos are being taken MIN one per angler (no sharing). Equipment should be dry, before starting to fish.
  • Fish being photographed must be done so over the cradle and member should not carry the fish anywhere else without the use of a retention sling.
  • No fish, at any time to be kept in storage (no keep nets, no sacks). A retention sling must be used to safely carry fish from lake to cradle.
  • Carp care antiseptic/propolis must be used by each angler. 
  • Anglers must not be anymore than 20 meters away from there fishing rods when there rigs are in the water they must be in possession of a working receiver at all times they exit their swim.
  • All cooking equipment / BBQ’s must be raised off the ground. 
  • No litter to be left at the fishery at any time.
  • DO NOT leave unused bait in the margins as this encourages rats.
  • Particles / Tiger nuts are allowed between May 1st and Sept 30th but should only be used sparingly.
  • All particles must be properly prepared and fully cooked before use with a preference towards the use of professional suppliers such as ‘monster particle’ etc rather than home prepared / cooked.
  • Maggots are only allowed between 1st November and 31st march.
  • Never hold the fish with a cloth; stand up or walk about whilst holding a fish.
  • No fish to be removed from the site, nor any alien fish to be added to Wynnstay Lake. Anyone caught committing either of the above, will be prosecuted and will be removed from membership.

N.B. please keep cameras at the ready — and ensure that you have the mobile numbers of neighbouring anglers, to help you to obtain photos. Vitally, it means your fish can be put back INTO THE WATER A.S.A.P.

2. Courtesy Code

  • Maximum 72 hours per peg per session.
  • Maximum 48 hours per peg per session during ‘prime periods’ (Friday & Saturday)
  • Maximum 72 hours per peg per session during ‘prime periods’ ONLY when the weekend includes a bank holiday.
  • Members can only book the same peg once per month regardless of session length.
  • Maximum one bivvy per member.
  • Maximum 3 rods per member.
  • Each member may bring 1x non-fishing guest during the day. No guests to stay overnight without permission.
  • No fires of any kind at any time.
  • Dogs by permission, All dog mess to be cleaned and removed from site. Permitted dogs must be on a lead at all times.
  • Alcohol allowed – but in moderation! Drunkenness and/or the use of illegal substances is not permitted at any time.
  • No loud music, at any time.
  • No anti-social behaviour of any kind will be tolerated.
  • No bright, night lights.
  • No litter, all rubbish to be taken home. MEMBERS WHO LEAVE LITTER WILL HAVE THEIR MEMBERSHIP REVOKED
  • Slingshots for bait only.
  • No shooting — of any kind.
  • Each member is entitled to bring a guest angler for three days (24hrs) per season, which can be taken singularly or collectively. Providing that:
  • The member notifies a bailiff a minimum of 48hrs before the visit that he/she wishes to bring a fishing guest. The member requests that a bailiff books the guest onto a separate peg to the member when a peg is available, if no peg is available the guest request will be declined / deferred.
  • Members bringing guests are responsible for there guests behaviour and must fish in the next peg to them. The guest will be required to pay £25 per 24hrs in advance of the visit or on the bank by prior agreement.
  • Guests must fish from their own allotted peg and are not allowed to fish from the same peg as the member at any time with the only exceptions being guests who require a carer or other registered assistance and when the guest is a minor.
  • The guest MUST enter / exit the fishery with the member.
  • The gate codes MUST NOT be shared with guest at any time.
  • Members have priority over guests during all busy periods.
  • The guest has a national licence for: ‘non migrating trout & course fish’
  • The guest reads & abides by the membership rules.
  • Guests at weekends are by bailiff discretion only.
  • Non fishing guests – Any members inviting visitors down to the lake ( whether when fishing or not ) must clear it with a bailiff before doing so, the lake is private and is strictly for members only NO exceptions.
  • Stephen Rose and Aidan Jones have been appointed the Lake’s bailiffs. Also, Rick Pritchard is the local environment officer. Upon request by them, members must produce their receipt/agreement to fish and national rod licence.
  • N.B. Owners/Bailiffs may request removal of lines from the water, to ensure that correct rigs/hooks etc. are being used. Owners reserve the right to close the fishing/water without notice, for any emergencies/repairs etc.
  • Any predators, especially cormorant, goosander, otter & mink, should be noted (site & numbers) and details passed to a bailiff.

3. Logistics

The entrance for all members is the wooden gate and access along the ‘Grand Avenue’. The padlock code will be issued to members at the start of the season and any updates will be notified by email or phone. Please close this gate at all times, as there will be sheep in this area, from time to time. Also, it will deter non-members, any access. ‘Drop Off’ equipment at the ‘Hall’ end of the lake is ok, as there is a right of way. However, do not drive along the playing field side of the lake. All cars must be parked in the designated car park and not obstruct the cabin entrance.

As a courtesy to all members, no vehicles are allowed along the ‘peg’ side of the lake. Green permits/disability badge holders may drop off/collect, only be special permission.

W.F.C.Ltd. owns land & fishing completely around the lake however, ownership on the hall/playing field side of the lake, is 6 metres from water’s edge. Members are not allowed to fish from Hall/Playing Field side but can use it to pre-bait.

W.F.C.Ltd is not insured to fish from boats. We are insured for the ‘feed boat’ & Maintenance of the banks/island. Members must not put boats or inflatables of any kind onto the water.

N.B. Mini/remote controlled bait boats are OK. But they must be returned to the bank after depositing bait. Any damage or loss to ‘bait boats — is owners’ responsibility.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or evict anglers or guest without prior notice.

4. Health and Safety

A) Personal care around the water must be taken, at all times. The average depth is approx 6ft and falling into the water could easily result in drowning. There are five ‘safety buoyancy’ rings around the lake and all members must familiarise themselves with locations, bearing in mind, they are much harder to find in the dark. The woodland side of the lake, particularly, has several older trees, and branches can easily fall off, causing severe injury. Whilst we have carried out a tree survey and removed several hazardous trees/limbs. All members must check surroundings, when fishing, especially when siting Bivvies, to ensure their own safety. W.F. & C. Ltd. holds both public liability & fishing insurance for members, a copy of which is posted in the portaloo. N.B. W.F. & C. Ltd. do not accept responsibility for any theft or damage to members’ equipment, vehicles etc. and members should ensure their own personal insurance covers these items. Also, a first aid box can be found in the portaloo. N.B. all accidents must be reported to Barry Cooke, immediately. The nearest A&E is Wrexham Hospital.

B). Fish Stock: We regard the health of our Fish Stock, as a no.1 priority. Care whilst landing, unhooking & prompt return to the water are vital. The older fish and especially the grass carp become ‘stressed’ very quickly and can and will die, within days of poor treatment by anglers.

5. Internet Bookings

An internet booking system is included into the Wynnstay Fishing website for members. It is intended to ensure that members, especially those from farther afield, can book ahead and guarantee their specified swim/peg.

It is not essential for full or midweek members to book and members can still turn up on the day. However, a ‘reserved’ swim/peg has priority and a member setting up on what appears to be a vacant peg may be asked to move, if the peg has been pre-booked. N.B. Associate Members must book ahead via internet or phone.

The system currently allows full and midweek members to book one month in advance and associate members one week. The 24 hour booking period runs from midday to midday the following day.

Full membership allows fishing at any time during the season including bank holidays

Midweek membership allows fishing from Sunday midday to Friday midday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Associate members can fish any day to their max season allowance – except Bank Holidays.

Members are responsible for keeping their contact details up to date at all times with the admin team.

Prime periods

Prime periods are classed as weekends and bank holiday weekends.

Because weekends are ‘prime periods’, & also as a courtesy to everyone, members should not book a session for more than a maximum of 48 hours per peg per session during ‘prime periods’ (Friday & Saturday) with the only exception being when it is a bank holiday weekend when the maximum is raised to 72 hours. .

Peg booking & fair play.

Members can only book the same peg once per month regardless of session length.

For members without internet access, or someone with specific forward holiday dates, telephone bookings can be made via a bailiff.

As a courtesy to all members, any member unable to keep their scheduled booking must release it from the booking system prior to the session start date or via a bailiff if the session date has started ( Note: This must be done within the first 6hrs of any session maximum, no changes will be permitted any later than this. )

In addition, for those who are members of the facebook group a post to alert other members of a peg being freed up is much appreciated. Failure to release a booking that will not be fulfilled will be logged as a ‘no show’ on the member’s account.

Pegs are numbered 1-12; with new numbers 5a and 5b & 6a and 6b.

All will be clearly marked on site and as per the site map within the online booking section.

6. Agreement


The Wynnstay syndicate season runs from June 1st to May 31st

Upon receipt of £450 for full membership, £375 for midweek membership, or £200 for associate membership members are allowed to fish at Wynnstay Lake during each applicable season.

Guest fees are £25 per 24hrs

In Addition:

Work Parties:

Full and Midweek members are required to attend two work parties per season.

Work Party Credits:

Members who attend a work party will receive a work party credit, each credit is worth a £25 deduction off membership renewal fees up to a maximum of two credits ( £50 ) per season.
Upon membership renewal work party credits are deducted from the members fees for the next season up to a maximum of two credits ( £50 ) per season.
Work party credits have no other value except against renewal fees.
Work parties will be held at various times during the season to accommodate both midweek and full memberships with as much forward notice being given as possible.

Concessions from work party duties for members who are of UK pensionable age and/or are registered as disabled are considered on an individual basis by application in advance.

No other concessions are available.


Existing members will have first refusal for renewal the following season ( subject to the compliance rules below being met.) In addition existing midweek members will have first refusal for any ‘full’ memberships that become available each year.


The renewal window for memberships is between May 1st and June 30th each year, NO payments will be accepted outside these dates.

Payments must be made in FULL no part payments will be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances.

Payments must be for the correct amount.



Members with valid work party credits should pay at the relevant reduced rates which are..

1 Credit = £25 deduction. 2 Credits = £50 deduction.

If a member is unsure of their work party credit status they should check with a bailiff before making any payments.

Failure to make the correct payment will render the members account inactive until the error is corrected.

Members who have not renewed their membership by June 30th will have their account deactivated and their place will be offered to those on our waiting lists.

New memberships and membership renewals are offered at the discretion of Wynnstay angling and conservation subject to applicants’ adherence to these rules.

Non-adherence to the above rules could result in cancellation of membership, without refund.

We operate a zero tolerance to verbal and physical abuse towards our members, any member found to have breached this will be removed from the syndicate instantly and without warning.

Wynnstay Admin March 2024