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The season now runs from June 1st to May 31st.


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Availability for 2023/24 season, updated 08/02/23

The membership for the 2023/24 season is now complete.

Waiting lists:

Both levels of membership are complete and we are operating waiting lists.

Lake Visits

Must be by appointment – anyone turning up without an appointment will be asked to leave.

Fees 2023/24

NB: members only – no day tickets available.

Full membership: £450 per annum – fish any time throughout the season. Work party credits are available each season.

Midweek membership: £375 per annum – fish any time Sunday midday to Friday midday (excluding Bank Holidays). Work party credits are available each season.

Associate membership: £ n/a We no longer offer associate level membership.

Work Party Credits

Members are required to attend two work parties per season. Members who attend a work party will receive a work party credit of £25 per work party up to a maximum of two credits ( £50 ) Work party credits are deducted from the members renewal fees for the next season. Work parties will be held at various times during the season to accommodate both midweek and full memberships with as much forward notice being given as possible.

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